Paralegal Consulting Services

Paralegal Consulting Services

We assist companies in the most diverse procedures before all spheres of public administration, including monitoring and controlling all types of installments as well as recordings and statements due to the Central Bank of Brazil.

  • Opening and closing companies
  • Advisory and consulting in obtaining tax installment plans
  • Central Bank of Brazil — RDE-IED, CBE and Bacen Census
  • Obtaining and renewing certifications
  • Acting in administrative lawsuits
  • Rectifying debits before the public administration


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Prioritizing investments in training collaborators and developing its own IT tools, IRKO ensures constant technological updating as a big advantage of its performance along with its clients.


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The client knows that he can count on an attentive team of competent professionals. The clients’ satisfaction with IRKO’s services is a marketing action in itself: clients introduce new clients.


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Your past mirrors the future, as who sows, reaps: continuous and growing work, focused on adequate solutions, committed to the service quality, which results in customer loyalty.

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