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Since its inauguration in 2013, IRKO has stood out in the accounting scene in Rio de Janeiro, as a pioneer in the integration of Artificial Intelligence in accounting services. Our commitment is to offer innovative and tailored solutions to the financial, tax and legal complexities of our clients. See how we can transform your business landscape:

1) Leadership in Business Services: With responsibility and agility, our services are designed to anticipate and meet the specific needs of each client.

2) Advanced Strategic Consulting: Our focus on strategic consulting accounting allows the identification of growth opportunities and effective optimization of financial resources.

3) Integrated and Complete Solutions: We combine accounting knowledge, tax capabilities and legal competence to offer cohesive and efficient management.

4) Innovation through Artificial Intelligence: IRKO is a pioneer in the application of AI to improve the accuracy and efficiency of accounting processes, ensuring high quality services that combines cutting-edge technology with a humanized approach.

At IRKO, we are committed to raising the standard of accounting services, guiding our clients towards a more promising and sustainable future.

Main Services:

How we do:


Outsourcing services through the IRKO platform.


BPO Services through Business Process Solutions in our clients’ corporate systems (SAP, TOTVS, Linux, among others).

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