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Corporate Income Tax (IRPF)

In addition to Outsourcing services, IRKO offers consultancy for Individuals, from the control of variable income operations (purchase and sale) and monthly calculation of the Income Tax levied on such operations, to the preparation and transmission of the Annual Corporate Income Tax Return, including monitoring with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (RFB)/Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN).

Main Services:

  • IRPF:  Individual Income Tax for residents in Brazil or not (Capital Gains/Income from abroad/Notification of Definitive Exit from the country) and clients with Variable Income for taxation and control purposes;
  • CBE:  Customer with goods abroad and residing in Brazil;
  • Close Scrutiny:  Client with CPF (SSN) suspended or pending with the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service;
  • Variable Income:  Clients who have investments in Variable
    Income and have questions in this area or difficulties with taxation; we carry out a specialized service of retroactive analysis and monthly control of profit/loss, calculating taxes due according to current legislation and presenting the client with a summary at the end of the year already linked to the Individual Income Tax (IRPF) for the year;
  • Tax Consulting services related to Individual taxes (voluntary month-by-month tax payment, called “Carnê-Leão” in Brazil, GCAP and Income from Abroad).

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