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Located since 2019 in the district of Cambuí, in Campinas - SP, IRKO Campinas is led by our partner Sandro Parreira Borghetti, who has over 25 years of experience in accounting, audit and the most diverse consulting work, most of which in the so-called “Big 4”.

IRKO Campinas has as a competitive differential the customized service to its clients and the experience of its leaders, all with more than 20 years of work in the accounting, tax, labor and financial areas.

With a client portfolio made up mostly of subsidiaries of multinational companies, IRKO Campinas is specialized in reporting processes abroad and generating the most diverse information to support decision-making, such as preparing financial reports for accounts receivable and accounts payable., cash flow statements, segment reporting, complete financial statements accompanied by explanatory notes, completion of reporting packages, etc. We offer our services through our own technological solutions and/or through market ERPs, such as SAP, TOTVS, among others.

IRKO Campinas also has sound experience in carrying out accounting audits in general, whether to meet corporate requirements within the scope of corporate governance and/or to comply with Brazilian Corporate Law.

Do you want to know more? Talk directly to our partner Sandro (55 19 99664-6274) and come have a coffee with us!

How we do:


Outsourcing services through the IRKO platform.


BPO Services through Business Process Solutions in our clients’ corporate systems (SAP, TOTVS, Linux, among others).

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