XIP – XML Integrity Pack

IRKO has developed XIP – XML ​​Integrity Pack – for the purpose of providing subscribers with the monitoring, capturing and storage of XMLs of electronic tax documents issued by suppliers/third parties. In such a way, the recipient of an electronic tax document becomes aware of its issuance even before the goods reach their destination, avoiding even attempts at fraud.

In addition to keeping the files in a single place, facilitating access to meet any needs including audits and inspections, it also allows access to XML files of all electronic invoices and/or bills of lading issued by virtue of the respective establishment/CNPJ, in a practical and safe way.
As for the Recipient Acknowledgement process, which is considered an ancillary obligation by tax authorities, it is also possible to be performed through XIP. Therefore, the recipient of an Electronic Invoice (NFe) can express himself/herself according to the following events:

– Confirmation of Operation;

– Operation Not Performed; and

– Unaware of the operation.

Finally, all information contained in electronic tax documents can be extracted in XLS and/or consulted with just one click.

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