Innovative Legacy

Since 1957 IRKO keeps focused on quality while maintaining tradition.



Since 1957 IRKO keeps its initial objectives: to act with competence, professionalism and, more than merely providing accounting services, to be the right arm of local and multinational companies, building long term relationships with clients, collaborators and partners, based on proximity and trust.


At IRKO, time is our partner. It is this partnership that we offer to our clients.

We combine our practical experience time to constant innovation, reinforced by our own system of information technology and by the qualification of our talents. All that in order to enable the permanent development of the companies we serve. That is the way we grow as well.

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Our way of performing

Result of our time of work on the day-to-day market. Passion. Experience. Partnership. Credibility. Innovation. All those values that permeate IRKO’s work have a common denominator: time.

Those are the values that identify IRKO’s work, our way of performing, our professional relationships, our services. They nourish our mission and vision.


Tradition in know-how

IRKO’s notable 60-year trajectory is inserted in the history of São Paulo’s development: a direct collaboration to the economic growth of the metropolis and the country, which reveals wide accounting, tax, labor and correlate knowledge.


Technology generates quality

Prioritizing investments in training collaborators and developing its own IT tools, IRKO ensures constant technological updating as a big advantage of its performance along with its clients.


Trustworthiness inspires reciprocity

The client knows that he can count on an attentive team of competent professionals. The client’s satisfaction with IRKO’s services is a marketing action in itself: clients introduce new clients.


Enthusiasm for performing

From its beginnings, the value guiding IRKO’s professionals is passion.
Passion feeds daily work, overcomes obstacles, attentive to the world and the changes of our society. Passion transforms performing into service for human development, above all.


Quality generates trustworthiness

Your past mirrors the future, as who sows, reaps: continuous and growing work, focused on adequate solutions, committed to the service quality, which results in customer loyalty.

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